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Recommend Resources

Here are some resources I’d like to recommend as I continue to build my rolodex of resources.  Some of these are pointed directly to written pieces that I consider valuable and helpful.

Brand Brokerage

Asset Protection Planning San Diego

Elder Care Attorney

Asset Protection San Diego

Estate Planning Attorney San Diego

Digital Marketing Brand

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Lawfirm of Strazzeri Mancini is a clear example of what Family is to me

The Strazzeri Mancini Law Firm has been more than a blessing to me, they have literally showed me the reality of how a business can operate like REAL family.

The same care, nurture, and encouragement a family unit has, is the same way Joe, Steve, and Alex run their law firm.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity of working with the firm for close to a year and the things I’ve learned, the people I’ve met, and the trust they’ve given me has been a major blessing!

When I talk with my friends, I usually share how it feels much like the feelings I have about my family.

Thank you Lord for this opportunity and walk with me to be the best steward of my time there :)


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Samoa Baseball / American Samoa Baseball

Every since I was a young buck, baseball was a sport that I was readily identified by.  Although I did play basketball, football, volleyball, and cricket, the sport most knew me by was baseball.

That same sport blessed me with the opportunity to do many things, see many countries, and meet amazing new people that I’m grateful to the Lord for giving me the chance to learn this great sport in American Samoa.

I wrote a short blog post on my general personal website called:  Samoa Baseball on the Rise 

Please keep our young athletes in prayer as they endeavor to learn this amazing sport and that they receive the proper coaching, encouragement, and guidance that helped me to take my game to the next level, and go as far as the professional ranks :)

Thank you for praying for all of us!


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Faith by APX Christian hip hop artist

“Faith” by APX a Christian Hip Hop Artist

It’s kind of funny that APX used to be me :) lol

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Marketing for Ministries

I wrote a really cool blog post about:

Marketing for Ministries

I did so, because I know that many churches are struggling to keep membership levels up and their outreach programs and often times the same as they did back in the late 1990′s and early 2000′s.

I hope it serves as an encouragement to you :)

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The Prayer of Dependence

Matthew 6:11 “Give us today our daily bread”

1. What does Bread represent?

- It represents the: necessities of life
Psalm 104:25, 27-28
Proverbs 14:23

- It represents God’s Word
Deuteronomy 8:3

- Do I trust that God is commited to taking care of my needs?

2. What does it mean to depend on God?

- Depending on God means Everything!

Truth to live by:
- Everything is a gift from God
- God will take care of my needs
- God wants to give it
- God is waiting on me

Philippians 4:19 – God’s Promise!
Matthew 7:9-10 – Love of children

I share whatever he supplies to me:
- What God gives TO me he wants to give THROUGH me
2 Corinthians 9:10-12 – Give freely, giving thanks to God

Sharing isn’t about what you have, it’s about your heart!

Sharing is a Statement of Faith!

- When I meet others needs God takes care of mine
Isaiah 58:7-9 – …then…the Lord will answer

- your wounds will heal
- the glory of the Lord will protect you

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Elder Sua’s Homecoming

Live with Freedom
Bask in Grace
Fly by the Spirit


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Can you see Him during difficult times?

1. Don’t wait for perfect conditions to call out to Jesus
Mark 10:46
- there’s never a wrong time to seek God
- it’s NOW or NEVER

2. Concentrate on what you have!
Mark 10:47
- Bootstrapping
- Focus in the Positive

3. Don’t be swayed by public opinion
Mark 10:48
- put the crowd aside & focus on Jesus
* Overcome faith Suckers
* Overcome faith Intimidators
* Overcome faith Mockers

4. Know that Jesus hears the cries of desperate people
Mark 10:49a
Mark 10:50
Mark 10:51

5. Continue to follow Jesus when times turn good
Mark 10:52


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Seeing is believing: Can you see Him?

Philippians 3:4-6

How does God Guide My Life?
1. God gets my attention
- God wants to work IN me
- God wants me to have an “ah ha” moment
- “Why do you persecute me?”

Pain, patience, emotional challenge, etc…

2. God reveals Himself
- He wants to Meet You

3. God prepares us to make a choice
- options

4. God teaches us to depend on others
- we are designed to be relational
- we need others to succeed

5. Sometimes God’s ways seem nonsensical
- His ways make sense in the bigger picture

6. God will reveal His purpose
- Fully trust the Lord!


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Generosity Uncensored

The Essence and Evidence of True Faith

1. Truth faith is more than Vocal Olympics
- James 2:14
- Ephesians 2:8-9

2. True faith has an eternal perspective
- James 2:21
- Hebrews 11:17-19

3. True faith requires complete surrender
- Psalm 119:165-166

4. True faith produces generosity
- Luke 21:1-4
- 2 Corinthians 2:8
- 2 Corinthians 9:10-12


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